Trivia/Music Bingo Host

Bridgette was a small town farm girl from Towanda, IL until she moved into the big, beautiful Twin Cities. Early on she had dreams of being an astronaut and fashion designer, but after changing her mind several times she chose to study theatre in college to become a secretary and trivia host.

Always a lover of trivia, she got sucked into Twin City Trivia a couple of years ago playing with her teammates on Optimistic Prime and never looked back. Some of her skills include dancing, fluent sarcasm, and the ability to name the title & artist of a song in just a few notes.

Bridgette has a soft spot for most things 80s and 90s, but loves music from all eras, and is obsessed with 50s/60s fashion. She will also tell you that Sisqo’s Thong Song is the low point in music history. As a girl who has no shame, she often bursts into song, dance, and occasionally a British accent. She once took a Buzzfeed quiz that told her she was an introverted extrovert. The quiz was probably wrong; this girl is a constant outgoing ray of sunshine.

4 out of 5 doctors agree that you need more Bridgette in your life. (The 5th doctor hates trivia, rainbows, and happiness in general so what does he know?)


Hosts at Fat Jack’s on Tuesdays  (Bloomington, IL)