Nate M.

Trivia Host

Nathaniel (or Superfly if you’re feeling frisky) comes from Northern Illinois. Contrary to what Game of Thrones tells you, the North can’t remember anything so he decided to join the team that wins every week- the hosts.

He’s a lover of all types of music to the detriment of anyone who’s around when he gets the AUX cord. Have you ever heard BABYMETAL followed by Simon and Garfunkel then rounded out by some Skrillex? Because he has… a lot.

Nate had a stint of hosting pop culture trivia in Dekalb, IL before moving to Bloomington. There, he was known as “the Shrek guy” after a long run of yelling Shrek before he started hosting. His favorite movies are Shrek 2 and the Far Far Away Idol short from the Extended Features of the Shrek 2 DVD.