1st- So You’re Telling Us There’s a Chance? (136)
2nd- Keepin’ Up with the Karrakers/Bronze Medalists (133)
3rd- A Spirited Bunch (132)
4th- The Quizketeers (129)
5th- Kangaroo Feeders (125)
T-6th- Liquor Up Front, Poker in the Rear (123)
T-6th- Here 4 the Beer (123)
T-6th- Wrecking Craniums (123)
T-6th- Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem (123)
T-10th- The Fill-Ins (122)
T-11th- John Mark? More Like Yawn Mark!! (122)
T-11th- Compound Interest (122)
13th- Library Lushes (121)
14th- We’re Just Here to Make Friends (117)
15th- Turd Fergusons (114)
16th- American Truck Bomb (113)
17th- Thirsty Thinkers (111)
18th- Baby Thigh Gap (107)
19th- The Big Fact Hunt (106)
20th- [REDACTED] (102)
21st- Estrogen Ocean with a Shot of Testosterone (96)
22nd- Titanic Swim Team (93)
23rd- Lucky Guess (86)
24th- Tit Flappers (76)
25th- Risky Quizness (73)




To register, e-mail with your Team Name and Captain.  You can use a different team name every week you play, but this submitted Team Name will be used for updated standings.

Qualifying for Trivia Bowl 8 will begin on April 1st and run through the end of September.  Each night you play trivia, just make sure you put your Team ID on your answer sheet.  You’ll earn points as follows:

1st Place:  4 points

2nd Place:  3 points

3rd Place:  2 points

1 point just for playing!


You can play as many nights a week as you want, but you can only earn points at one location per night.


At the end of September, the top teams in 2 categories:  Most Points and Highest Average Score (average of your minimum 10 scores) will qualify to attend Trivia Bowl 8!

Trivia Bowl 8 will take place Saturday, November 4th, 2023.