Head of Hosting Operations/Trivia/Music Bingo Host

Since Doug was a little boy, he dreamed of becoming a trivia host. Just kidding. Doug can’t dream because he’s too tough for sleep. But on the rare occasions that he does dream, it’s unrelentingly about the Starship Enterprise.

Doug will eat leftover food from the refrigerator that has no discernible date of production- without first instituting the smell test. He never misses an opportunity to use the finger guns. He had a favorite stuffed raccoon named Coonie when he was a lad. His basement bar is rated a top 30 Bloomington/Normal attraction on Trip Advisor. Doug’s insatiable appetite for hot wings is only eclipsed by his infatuation with breakfast cereal.

A nerd in his own right (but the cool kind of nerd, not the kind that makes you rich), Doug has a diversity of useless knowledge and a jocular personality that can only assure that trivia nights with him will be fun and unforgettable. Every. Single. Time.

Hosts at:

Tuesday: CRAFTED (Bloomington)
Wednesday: Minier Tap (Minier)