Looking to host a Special Event?

Over the years, Twin City Trivia has led HUNDREDS of events and we’d love to work with you!

We’ve done Fundraisers, Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Zoom Private Parties, College Events, Jr. High Conferences, High School After-Prom, etc.

We also offer a variety of Events to choose from:

Engaging night of Trivia with questions that can be tailored to your specific group

Music Bingo:
A Twist on the classic game. With over 40 playlists to choose from, Music Bingo will have your group singing along and dancing in (and often, out of) their seats!

Our newest game is a Twist on “Name That Tune”. Teams get more points the quicker they can name the song/artist. There’s also some strategy involved- do you spend your only guess after 1 second and risk getting no points, or do you go for it all?



Below is a schedule of our upcoming Special Events. If you’re looking to book Twin City Trivia to run trivia for your event and there’s already an event listed below on that date, don’t worry! We have plenty of qualified hosts to make sure we can accommodate whatever you need!


August 17:  Alto Vineyards Trivia, 6 PM  (Champaign, IL)

August 19:  Trivia at The Blend, 7 PM  (Washington, IL)

August 20:  Illinois Valley Central High School, 6 PM  (Chillicothe, IL)

September 1:  Rivian Trivia Event, 7 PM (Normal, IL)

September 9:  Music Bingo Private Party, 7 PM  (Peoria, IL)

September 14:  Alto Vineyards Trivia, 6 PM (Champaign, IL)

September 23:  Hopedale Hospital Trivia, 6:30 PM  (Pekin, IL)

September 23:  Eagle Performing Arts Center Trivia, 7 PM (Pontiac, IL)

October 14:  ISU Alumni Trivia, 7 PM (Normal, IL)

November 4:  IAA Credit Union Trivia Night, 7 PM  (Downs, IL)




January 17:  Illinois Green Industry  (Bloomington, IL)

January 21: Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leader Conference (East Peoria, IL)

February 4: NCHS After Prom Fundraiser  (Bloomington, IL)