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SUNDAY, November 27th



Wahlburgers, 6 PM  (Bloomington, IL)

Nightshop, 6:30 PM (Bloomington, IL)

Owl’s Nest, 7 PM (Peoria, IL)


Two of the Categories tonight will be:

DVD Chapters Titles AND Non-Traditional Sports

Music Bingo:

Buzz Bomb Brewing, 3 PM  (Springfield, IL) *Next Date TBA!*




MONDAY, November 28th



Iron Coyote Challenge Park, 6 PM (Bloomington, IL)

Casper Brewing, 7 PM (Bloomington, IL) *NEW NIGHT!*

Sky Lounge, 7 PM (Springfield, IL)

Easy Tiger East 7th, 7 PM (Austin, TX)


Two of the Categories tonight will be:

Cyber Monday AND You Bet!



Music Bingo:

DR McKays, 7 PM  (Bloomington, IL)


TUESDAY, November 29th



Fat Jack’s Bar, 7 PM  (Bloomington, IL)

CRAFTED, 7 PM (Bloomington, IL)

Lil Beaver Brewery, 7 PM (Bloomington, IL)

Sofie’s Whiskey & Wine, 7 PM (Woodstock, IL)

Sliderz Bar and Grill, 7 PM (Decatur, IL)

Bunny’s Tavern, 7 PM (Urbana, IL)

Casey’s Pub, 7 PM  (Springfield, IL)

Danvers Y Bar & Grill, 7 PM  (Danvers, IL) *Starts Dec. 13th!*

Easy Tiger South Lamar, 7 PM (Austin, TX)



Two of the Categories Tonight Will Be:

National Giving Day AND Name that George!

Music Bingo:

Casper Brewing Co., 7 PM (Bloomington, IL)

Windjammer, 7 PM  (Bloomington, IL)

Brickhouse Grill & Pub, 8 PM (Springfield, IL)






WEDNESDAY, November 30th



Alto Vineyards, 6 PM  (Champaign, IL) *Next Date TBA!*

Keg Grove Brewing Co., 7 PM  (Bloomington, IL)

Windjammer, 8 PM (Bloomington, IL)

Hy-Vee Market Grille on Sheridan Rd, 7 PM (Peoria, IL)

Minier Tap, 7 PM  (Minier, IL)

Spirited Republic, 7 PM  (Lincoln, IL)

Colfax Bar and Grill, 7 PM (Colfax, IL)

Lincoln Square Lounge, 7 PM  (Decatur, IL)

The Outpost, 7 PM (Eureka, IL)

The Local Tap, 7:30 PM (El Paso, IL) *No Trivia Tonight!*

Hand of Fate, 7 PM  (Petersburg, IL)

Brewski’s Pub, 7 PM (Springfield, IL)

VFW Post 5520, 7 PM (Champaign, IL)

Houndstooth Saloon, 7 PM (Chicago, IL)

Easy Tiger East 7th, 7 PM (Austin, TX) *8 PM Start Time Tonight!*

South Austin Beer Garden, 7 PM (Austin, TX) *Starts December 7th!*

The Coffee Bar at Tommie Austin, 7:30 PM (Austin, TX) *No Trivia, on Winter Break*


Two of the Categories Tonight Will Be:

Celebrity Endorsements AND 80’s Movie Quotes

Music Bingo:

Sky Lounge, 7 PM (Springfield, IL)

Pop Up Chicken Shop (Formally JP’s), 7:30 PM (Bloomington, IL)

The Good Society Brewery & Public House, 7 PM (Seattle WA)

Sully’s Queen Anne, 8 PM  (Seattle, WA)



THURSDAY, December 1st



DR McKay’s Bar and Grille, 7 PM  (Bloomington, IL)

Station Saloon, 7 PM (Bloomington, IL)

Brass Pig, 7 PM (Bloomington, IL)

Firehouse Pizza, 7 PM (Normal, IL)

Jac’s Doghouse, 7 PM  (Pekin, IL)

Anvil & Forge, 7 PM  (Springfield, IL)

One T’s Corner Pocket, 7 PM (Champaign, IL)

Analytical Brewing, 7 PM (Lexington, IL)

Stringtown BBQ, 7 PM (Washburn, IL) *Coming Soon!!*

Jester King Brewery, 7 PM (Austin, TX)


Two of the Categories Tonight Will Be:

Foreign Cuisine AND International Espionage



Music Bingo:

CRAFTED, 7 PM (Bloomington, IL)

BloNo Pizza Co., 7 PM (Bloomington, IL)

Jamie’s Route 66, 7 PM (Springfield, IL)

Local’s Bar, 7 PM  (Pawnee, IL)




FRIDAY, December 2nd









SATURDAY, November 26th



It’s All About Wine, 7:30 PM (Springfield, IL) *Next Date is Dec. 12th!*


Two of the Categories Tonight Will Be:

Music Bingo:

It’s All About Wine, 7 PM (Springfield, IL)  *Bingo Tonight!*