Jason (aka Rockey)

Host/Question Writer

Having mastered the art of the high-angle MySpace selfie, Jason decided to give trivia a try.
He is an avid supporter of the Twin City Trivia format who spent a few years as a player before stepping up to host.
Having peaked too early by being nominated valedictorian of his junior high school, Jason claims to have pretty much petered out from there.

Formerly an Arby’s General Manager, he now works in social media and no longer “has the meats”.
Jason is a fan of nerd stuff like Marvel Comics, Pro Wrestling, and The Simpsons. He has an exhaustive collection of Funko POPs, which is now something he realizes he maybe shouldn’t admit to on a public forum.

Jason grew up in the Peoria area and still lives there with his wife Jen and his large adult son, Groot.