Trivia Host

Charmingly referring to herself as your “Millennial Girl in a Trivia World”, Whitney started hosting trivia in January 2022.  After graduating from University of Illinois Springfield with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media Studies, she soon realized her love of connecting with others.  Working locally as a Community Marketing Manager, Whitney uses her background in social media strategy and public relations to reflect in her hosting style!

Whitney has a flair for all things millennial!  She loves 90s/2000s music (specifically Fall Out Boy, Usher, Destiny’s Child, Plain White T’s, The Cranberries and Savage Garden).  She’s an avid Harry Potter fan and enjoys living a childfree life that includes being a proud fur mama to her two cats, Salazar and Poppy.  In her spare time, Whitney enjoys traveling with her husband, hiking, mushroom hunting, fishing, trying new restaurants and visiting all places that end in “ery” (brewery, cidery, meadery, distillery, and winery).

Loves: USWNT Soccer, Holy Trifecta (Guac, Queso and Salsa), Cats/Dogs, Auntie to 5, Pepperoni Pizza, Netflix, A League of Their Own, Event Planning, Singing like an off brand American Idol Winner, Oregon Trail and Pickleball (both the food and the sport!)

Hates: Running, Beets, Allergies, Rude people, Bugs (the lady kind are acceptable), Early Risers, and Sand (gets in all the crevices).