Trivia Host

Mike is a Twin Cities native. Growing up with sorta strict parents, he did not grow up watching The Simpsons or MTV.  Howeve,r Mike’s childhood was filled with lots of Pee-Wee (RIP), Blues Brothers (taped and edited from TV) and Indiana Jones movies. He played a lot of baseball and loved dirt bikes, monster trucks or anything with a motor.

Colege at SIU (Carbondale) opened up a new world to Mike.  Thanks to a new freedom from his parents, Mike found out about alcohol and was finally able to watch The Simpsons and find out what Seinfeld was all about. He graduated with a degree in TV/Radio production and is now a part-time professional photographer.

Currently, Mike is a Securities Principal by day, which means he herds cats that sell financial products to make sure they are following the rules. He and his wife have the average family with 1 girl, 1 boy, and a dog.  They enjoy spending their free time taking the camper to national parks to hike.

His favorite movie is the Big Lebowski, his favorite band is MxPx, and his favorite foods are a rotation of BBQ, tacos, and pizza.

Oh, and he doesn’t like Ranch dressing.


Mike hosts at Fat Jack’s (Bloomington, IL) on Tuesdays