Nick M.

Trivia Host

Originally from the Springfield, IL area now living in Champaign, Nick brings the jokes and sarcasm to trivia nights thanks to his years as a podcaster and DJ.  Now with the ability to put another microphone in his hand, Nick has turned to Trivia.

In 2021, Nick became the PA announcer for the Fighting Illini Men’s Hockey team.  Nick and his wife are on the board of the Champaign/Urbana Youth Hockey Association and have a son who is on the house team.

Nick loves sipping on a good bourbon while listening to music, watching comedy shows, reading comics, and watching Marvel movies and TV shows.  You can also win him over with a really cheesy Dad joke.

Hosts at:

Boomerang’s on Mondays (Champaign, IL)

VFW on Wednesdays (Champaign, IL)