Music Bingo Host

A Southern Illinois native, Serena has migrated all the way from her little hometown Newton, IL moving her way north via EIU to her big-city office job here at State Farm.

Trivia runs in her blood. She shares her wealth of random knowledge, love of Jeopardy! and on-this-day facts with her dad. She was a band nerd, scholastic bowl team captain and trivia champion back before it was cool (just tell her it’s not cool now, either, and her awesome regular trivia team almost never uses the same name twice. They’ve been subjecting John Mark to reading wacky team names since the early Twin City Trivia days at Eleven (RIP).

Outside of work and trivia, Serena listens to an eclectic (i.e. embarrassing) mix of music and true crime podcast, plays Skyrim and Fallout excessively, hangs out with her friends and craft-beer-genius boyfriend (who has better, longer hair), and is owned by 4 cats. Her dream is eventually to open a cat cafe/brewery here in town… once they win the lotto.

Hosts Music Bingo at BloNo Pizza Co. on Thursdays